Whiskey & Wealth Club in the Press

Whiskey & Wealth Club’s innovative cask whiskey buying model is making headlines in the press

The Spirits Business
Whisky made in 2020 ‘most valuable in history’

Cask whisky investment company Whiskey and Wealth Club predicts that this year ‘marks a significant time for the history of the whisky industry’.

Wealth Professional Canada
The advantages of investing in cask whiskey ownership

Whiskey & Wealth Club co-founder and CEO Scott Sciberras discussed the cask whiskey opportunity with Wealth Professional Canada.

Yahoo Finance
$2.36m Invested in Cask Whiskey as Covid-19 Economic Impact Deepens

In September, investors purchased a record total of 111.2 palettes of new-make premium spirit through Whiskey & Wealth Club. Investing a total of £1,803,627 as they look to hedge against the uncertainty of the financial markets amidst the pandemic.

Whiskey as a Covid-19 Hedge

Jay Bradley, co-founder of Whiskey & Wealth Club, discusses whiskey ownership opportunities and the effects of the pandemic on many markets on “Bloomberg Markets: European Open.”

UK Investor Magazine
55% of investors think whisky might help beat the COVID wobble

Almost 90% of investors have said they are modifying their portfolio approach, with many turning to alternative investments such as whisky to spread risk.

The Scotsman
Why Scottish whisky is hot property

With valuable private collections and individual bottles coming to market, many people are naming bottles and casks of whiskey as their new assets of choice.

Alternative Investment: Necessity Is The Mother Of Transformation

The pandemic has accelerated a number of global trends – but what has it meant for cask whiskey? Co-founder Jay Bradley discussed his thoughts with Forbes.

Market Screener
Investor confidence in cask whiskey strengthens amidst COVID-19

The popularity of whisk(e)y investment has soared in recent years. This year, rare whisky topped the Knight Frank luxury investments index, rising by 564% in value over the last decade.

The Spirits Business
Whisky cask investment firm doubles sales

Whiskey and Wealth Club has sold €7.8 million (US$9m) worth of whisky casks since the start of 2020, double its sales for the same period last year.

London Loves Business
Investor confidence in whiskey strengthens amidst COVID-19

Cask whiskey investment leaders, Whiskey & Wealth Club, has reported that cask whiskey’s favourability with investors has strengthened this year.

Proactive Investors
Demand for alternative investment jumps

With global markets in a state of uncertainty, investors are exploring new alternatives, and their top picks are unprecedented and intriguing.

BDaily News
Whiskey is becoming the go to alternative to stocks & shares

Amidst volatile markets, Whiskey & Wealth Club has seen increased interest in cask whiskey ownership.

Yahoo Finance
Investors Put Money Behind Whisky as Confidence in Markets Wavers

Whiskey & Wealth Club offers both private investors and funds the opportunity to buy cask whiskey at ultra-wholesale prices.

Finanz Nachrichten
Investors Put Money Behind Cask Whisky as Market Confidence Wavers

This comes as investors increasingly look to hedge against the crashing financial markets with asset backed investments

Whiskey Experts
Whiskey investment the go to alternative for investors

The Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent crash of global stock markets has led to many investors and shareholders suffering significant repercussions with investment values plummeting.

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