Scotch Cask Whisky Investment

Scotch whisky is one of the most popular spirits in the world. After World War II, Scottish distillers became able to export their spirits to more markets than ever before and began their ascendence to global market domination. Today, the spirit accounts for the majority of Scotland’s food and drink export revenue, and single malt whisky has become synonymous with luxury spirits – the value of bottles of rare Scotch single malt sold at auction has increased at a greater rate than any other luxury collectible over the past decade.

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    Scotch Whisky: A Snapshot


    Brand Power

    Recognition is key in the Scotch whisky market. That’s why we exclusively offer casks produced by established distilleries with names connoisseurs will know.


    Market Stability

    Scotch whisky has enjoyed worldwide popularity since the mid-20th century. It’s one of the UK’s most successful exports, and new countries are developing their tastes for this fine spirit every year.


    Your Opportunity

    Purchase Scotch cask whisky and become part of the spirit’s storied tradition. From our tips for purchasing cask whisky to an overview of the exit strategies that may be open to you, we cover all the details and more in our prospectus.

    The Benefits of Scotch Cask Whisky Ownership with Whiskey & Wealth Club

    Solid Potential for Returns*

    With premium Scotch cask whisky

    Turnkey Asset Ownership

    We include insurance and secure storage in a government bonded warehouse

    Ultra-Wholesale Rates

    We work directly with partner distilleries to negotiate exclusive rates

    Part of a Stable Market

    Scotch whisky accounts for nearly 75% of all Scottish food and drink exports

    Exclusive Exit Strategies

    From selling to established brands to bottling under your own brand, we’ll work with you

    HMRC Registration

    Through our WOWGR licence, every cask is registered with HMRC

    *Returns subject to fluctuation and not guaranteed

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