Whiskey & Wealth Club in the Press

Whiskey & Wealth Club’s innovative cask whiskey buying model is making headlines in the press

BusinessMatters Interviews Whiskey & Wealth Club co-founder Scott Sciberras

Whiskey & Wealth Club co-founder Scott Sciberras spoke with BusinessMatters about his career in business.

Value The Markets
Is whisky a good investment?

Market volatility has seen many begin exploring alternatives, and cask whiskey has emerged as a favourite asset. But what is cask whiskey ownership really like? Value the Markets took a closer look at Whiskey & Wealth Club’s offering.

Gentleman's Journal
Buying your whisky by the barrel

Whether it’s a ‘barrel of laughs’ or ‘barrels of fun,’ it seems that almost all good things come in casks – and whisky is no exception. Co-founder Jay Bradley shared his thoughts on the cask whisky opportunity with Gentleman’s Journal.

Proactive Investors
Bitcoin may not be the best alternative investment

Cryptocurrency has become popular over the past year, but could there be better alternatives? Co-founder and CEO Scott Sciberras discussed his thoughts with Proactive.

The Armchair Trader
Sharing Insights from our 2020 Cask Whiskey Buyer Report

With market uncertainty seeing more individuals seeking alternative opportunities, Whiskey & Wealth Club shared shared insights from their 2020 Cask Whiskey Buyer Report with The Armchair Trader.

City A.M.
Irish whiskey as an investment – should you consider it?

This St Patrick’s Day, don’t just raise your glass – why not consider purchasing a cask? Co-founder Jay Bradley spoke with City A.M. about Irish whiskey’s history and recent renaissance and the cask whiskey ownership opportunity.

The (Not So) Secret Science Of Whiskey Value

When people discover co-founder Jay Bradley is also co-founder of a luxury whiskey company, they invariably ask about the best whiskey to buy that’ll increase in value. Bradley shared what he considers the key factors to whiskey value with Forbes.

The Spirits Business
SB’s most read stories of 2020

In 2020, Whiskey & Wealth Club predicted that whiskey produced in this year could become some of the most valuable in history. Coverage of this in The Spirits Business became one of their most popular stories of the year.

The Drinks Business
The world’s most expensive whiskies

Bottles of rare Scotch single malt have seen incredible growth in value over the last ten years. Whiskey & Wealth Club spoke with The Drinks Business about a few of these notable bottles.

Collecting Rare Whiskeys

Why your collection of rare whiskeys might be more valuable than you think. Rare whiskey collecting has ascended from an exclusive hobby among the well-heeled to an industry where the rarest bottles are sold at auction and traded on the secondary market.

The Whiskey Wash
Why Purchasing Cask Whiskey May Be A Smart Move

You enjoy whiskey in your glass – why not purchase it by the cask? Co-founder Jay Bradley spoke with The Whiskey Wash about this unique opportunity.

Value The Markets
Whisky: Purchasing Liquid Gold

Whiskey & Wealth Club spoke with Value the Markets about the cask whiskey ownership opportunity and the process of purchasing your first cask.

The Cask Whiskey Owner’s Survival Guide

Cask whiskey ownership is a new world for private clients – but it doesn’t have to be daunting. Whiskey & Wealth Club co-founder Jay Bradley spoke with Forbes about his cask whiskey ownership survival guide.

The Armchair Trader
Whiskey produced in 2020 forecast to command premium prices

This year marks a significant time for the history of the whiskey industry. Whiskey produced in the year 2020 may be incredibly rare and could become highly valuable by the end of the decade.

Pride After The Fall: Reclaiming The Glories Of Irish Whiskey

Miles of column inches already document Irish whiskey’s resurgence in the past decade. As a proud Irishman with more than a passing interest in whiskey, this of course makes me happy, but we have been here before. Our industry is an object lesson in boom and bust. This time, our renaissance has to be different.

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