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BusinessMatters Interviews Co-Founder Scott Sciberras

BusinessMatters Interviews Co-Founder Scott Sciberras   Whiskey & Wealth Club co-founder Scott Sciberras recently spoke with BusinessMatters about his career in business. From discussing his earliest forays into investment to his current work with Whiskey & Wealth Club, Sciberras provides insight into the way he’s built his career from choosing stocks from the newspaper with […]

Value The Markets
Is whisky a good investment?

As both traditional and emerging markets have seen volatility over the past year, investors have begun to look for alternative ways to diversify their portfolios. Rather than trendy Bitcoin or speculative property, many are opting to invest in whiskey.   It’s well known that whiskey increases in value as it matures, and this makes it […]

Gentleman's Journal
Here’s why you should be buying your whisky by the barrel

Whether it’s a ‘barrel of laughs’ or ‘barrels of fun’, it seems that almost all good things come in casks. And you can add to that list whisky. Whether neat, on the rocks, by the bottle or the barrel, we’re great fans of this most spirited spirit; distilled proudly in Scotland for over half a […]

Your Money
Should you be drinking or investing your whiskey?

Besides being many people’s favourite beverage, whiskey can also be a great addition to your investment portfolio. Investing in cask whiskey has been around for centuries, but only to a select few in society. In creating Whiskey & Wealth Club, our goal was to open up this opportunity to private investors wishing to have their […]

Fox Business
Whiskey sour? Makers face hangover from trade dispute

The EU’s tariff rate is set to double to 50% in June in the key export market for US whiskey makers. However, William Fielding, co-founder of Whiskey & Wealth Club, tells Fox Business the current tariffs aren’t necessarily bad for all business.

Proactive Investors
Bitcoin is one of the hottest alternative investments, but it may not be the best

The original cryptocurrency has garnered widespread interest from investors over the past year, however, its wild price swings have left some wondering whether other assets may be better at storing their cash away from the volatility of global markets.

The Armchair Trader
The value of rare whiskey has risen by over 560% in the last 10 years

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted the global economy. This has resulted in a volatile financial market. Consequently, we have seen investors turn to alternative investments to hedge against market volatility.

City A.M.
Should you look at Irish whiskey as an investment?

With St Patrick’s Day on the not-too-distant horizon, thoughts inevitably turn to iconic festivities to be enjoyed. For many this involves toasting a taoscán of Irish whiskey. The day and drink are synonymous with each other. But this year maybe you should think about investing instead of drinking your whiskey?

The (Not So) Secret Science Of Whiskey Value When Investing

When people discover I’m the founder of an ultra-rare whiskey company, I can guarantee at least one question: “Jay, which bottle of whiskey should I buy that’s going to grow fastest in value?”

The Spirits Business
SB’s most read stories of 2020

One of our most popular online stories was a prediction by cask whisky investment company Whiskey and Wealth Club that claimed casks of whisky produced in 2020 would be highly valuable in the coming decades.

The Drinks Business
Six of the world’s most expensive whiskies

Whisky is big business, and no more so than in 2020 it seems. With distilleries temporarily closing due to Covid restrictions and production slowing, casks produced in 2020 are predicted to become some of the rarest and most valuable in the future, believes cask whisky investment company Whiskey and Wealth Club.

The Case for Collecting

Why your collection of rare whiskeys might be more valuable than you think. Rare whiskey collecting has ascended from an exclusive hobby among the well-heeled to an industry where the rarest bottles are sold at auction and traded on the secondary market.

The Whiskey Wash
Why Investing In Cask Whiskey May Be A Smart Move

Did you know that whiskey can be more than just your favourite beverage? Besides winding down with a glass at the end of the day, this dark and delicious drink might actually belong in your investment portfolio as well.

Value The Markets
Whisky: Investing in Liquid Gold

When it comes to investing, time is your friend. This is as true of whisky as any quality stock. But when it comes to whisky investment, it may be the most important factor of all.

The Cask Whiskey Investor’s Survival Guide

As cask whiskey opens up to private investors, opportunities are many, but there are risks, too. The key to realizing its potential (safely) is a thorough understanding of the market. The challenge facing many investors, however, is that this is a new and unfamiliar environment.