Whiskey & Wealth Club in the Press

Whiskey & Wealth Club’s innovative cask whiskey buying model is making headlines in the press

Yahoo Finance
Investors Put Money Behind Whisky as Confidence in Markets Wavers

Whiskey & Wealth Club offers both private investors and funds the opportunity to buy cask whiskey at ultra-wholesale prices.

Finanz Nachrichten
Investors Put Money Behind Cask Whisky as Market Confidence Wavers

This comes as investors increasingly look to hedge against the crashing financial markets with asset backed investments

Whiskey Experts
Whiskey investment the go to alternative for investors

The Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent crash of global stock markets has led to many investors and shareholders suffering significant repercussions with investment values plummeting.

What Investment
Whiskey cask ownership and the opportunity it holds

Cask whiskey ownership is becoming increasingly popular among those looking for alternative assets.

The Telegraph
The best Irish whiskies for St Patrick’s Day

Companies like the Whiskey & Wealth Club have made a business of connecting individual whiskey lovers with Irish distilleries and enabling them to buy casks.

Whisky Intelligence
Uncovering the turbulent history of Irish Whiskey

With the Emerald Isle’s St Patrick’s Day on the not-too-distant horizon, thoughts inevitably turn to iconic festivities to be enjoyed.

Richmond and Twickenham Times
Richmond’s award-winning Whiskey & Wealth Club celebrates success

Whiskey & Wealth Club is an innovative cask whiskey brokerage changing the way clients can get involved in the whiskey industry.

The Spirits Business
Cask ownership firm revenue tops €10m in 2019

Whiskey & Wealth Club offers clients the chance to purchase casks of new make spirit from distilleries. These casks are then stored in a secure bonded warehouse before being bottled and sold or matured for a longer period.

Global Banking and Finance Review
Whiskey & Wealth Club Targets €24m Revenue After Record Year

Whiskey & Wealth Club have set their sights set on further success for 2020, targeting a 140% revenue increase to €24m. In only its third year of operating, its headcount is set to rise by 48%.

Master of Malt
The rise of cask whisky ownership

Whether you’re sourcing direct from distillery or exploring your options through a third party, Master of Malt share their tips for buying booze by the barrel. Read more.

Business Post
Whiskey & Wealth Club aims to create liquid gold assets

Jay Bradley launched Whiskey & Wealth Club with a simple goal: to help private clients buy cask whiskey and then watch their assets mature.

Whiskey & Wealth Club makes its first move into Scotch whisky

Whiskey & Wealth Club announce their first move into Scotch whisky after establishing themselves as the premier broker of Irish cask whiskey to private clients.

Irish Independent
€24m in revenue targeted by Whiskey & Wealth Club in 2020

The London-based business offers clients the chance to buy Irish cask whiskey and Scotch cask whisky at cheaper prices than directly from distillers themselves.

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