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The world of wholesale cask whiskey buying is growing rapidly. Hundreds of Whiskey & Wealth Club members have seized the opportunity — and while we can tell you how great we think we are — the important opinions are those of our members themselves.

Discover the Whiskey & Wealth Club experience through our client testimonials and Trustpilot reviews.

Phillipe TerrisReview

Vineyard Owner

“I’ve always loved Irish Whiskey, so when I had the opportunity to look into and do due diligence in researching and checking that it is a reputable company, which it clearly is, I felt like it was a good opportunity to invest in something in Ireland, give back to Ireland.”

John & Patricia PurcellReview

Production and Entertainment VP

“Being whisky lovers ourselves we figured it was a good investment, a good choice. Looking into it further on our own made us feel good about it. As far as investing in anything outside whisky before this, no, not since we moved here. But if we were to invest in anything else, we probably would invest in another distillery.”

Ben TownsendReview

Property Developer

“I have invested in various different fields over the last 30 years, from shares, stock portfolio to the housing market. I’m looking to diversify, something new and moving away from the traditional methods that I’ve used to date.”

Carol and William OchseReview

Business and Racehorse owners

“I most definitely would recommend investing in something like this. I would of never ever thought of it and you’re always looking for somewhere to go with your money that you believe would be a good return or a solid place. After the tour today and the information given, I think we’re thoroughly convinced.”

Andrew RooneyReview

Whiskey Expert

“It’s an emerging industry with around 26 (now 31) working distilleries on the island of Ireland today. We’ll have 40 within five to six years. Within two years we’re not going to have enough product to sell and there’s going to be a serious Irish whiskey drought. If you’re thinking of investing in a cask now, you can sit on it for 6-7 years. You’ll have the perfect opportunity to invest it back into the market as we’ll have a serious drought over that period of time.”


Robert BensingerReview


“I’d like to comment on the outstanding service that Mark Ocampo provided throughout our experience with you. He walked us through the procedures necessary to make our purchase and answered every question we had. He followed through with the paperwork and phoned us to make sure things were moving correctly, and he did it in such a way that it instilled a great deal of trust between us and Whiskey & Wealth Club.”

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