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When we started Whiskey & Wealth Club, we wanted to share the opportunity for cask whiskey ownership with our fellow Irish whiskey and Scotch whisky aficionados. Since then, we’ve welcomed a more diverse group of clients than we could have imagined, and we’re proud to invite them to share their stories with you here.

Read on to hear our clients’ reviews of their Whiskey & Wealth Club experiences in their own words, and learn more about their backgrounds.

Over 300 of our clients have left 4- and 5-star reviews for the Whiskey & Wealth Club on TrustPilot – read a selection of them below.

Henri AnaneReview

Delivery Driver

Having joined us in 2019 with his initial purchase, Henri decided to exit in 2022. He intended for the purchase to be more long term, however due to unforeseen circumstances Henri had to exit earlier than planned. Despite the early exit, Henri was very happy with his returns and is looking forward to purchasing again in the future!

Michal KoszalkowskiReview

CFO of Treatwell Company

Michal recently visited us at our head office in Richmond to meet his Account Manager and enjoy a whiskey tasting with the team whilst learning more about his whiskey purchase.

Phillipe TerrisReview

Vineyard Owner

Vineyard Owner
Philipe Terris was a seasoned business owner, but didn’t have much experience with assets. Hear him explain why Irish cask whiskey ownership appealed to him, how he researched the opportunity, and why he decided to work with Whiskey & Wealth Club.

John & Patricia PurcellReview

Production and Entertainment VP

John & Patricia Purcell had loved whiskey for years, but hadn’t considered cask whiskey ownership until they happened to come across an ad for Whiskey & Wealth Club online. Read more about how they decided it was the right opportunity for them and why they chose to work with Whiskey & Wealth Club.

Ben TownsendReview

Property Developer

Ben Townsend had had a stock portfolio and invested in properties – but he was looking for a new, less traditional opportunity. Learn more about how he came across cask whiskey ownership, decided it was right for him, and worked with Whiskey & Wealth Club to make it happen.

Carol and William OchseReview

Business and Racehorse owners

Carol & William Ochse are no strangers to doing things their own way. With backgrounds in racehorses and business, it’s no surprise that something non-traditional like cask whiskey ownership would appeal to them. Hear them explain why they were ‘thoroughly convinced’ by Whiskey & Wealth Club.

Andrew RooneyReview

Whiskey Expert

Director of The Whiskey Expert, Andrew Rooney is indeed an expert on all things whiskey. Hear his thoughts what’s happening in the Irish whiskey market, how a potential Irish whiskey drought could actually be positive, and why now is the time to consider cask whiskey ownership.


Robert BensingerReview


“I’d like to comment on the outstanding service that Mark Ocampo provided throughout our experience with you. He walked us through the procedures necessary to make our purchase and answered every question we had. He followed through with the paperwork and phoned us to make sure things were moving correctly, and he did it in such a way that it instilled a great deal of trust between us and Whiskey & Wealth Club.”

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Over 300 of our clients have left 4- and 5-star reviews for the Whiskey & Wealth Club on TrustPilot – read a selection of them below.

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