Jay bradley, whiskey connoisseur standing in front of casks of whiskey

Why you should add whiskey to your alternative investment portfolio

The Sunday Times - May 31, 2023

The UK’s leading weekend newspaper hails Whiskey & Wealth Club as the thrilling gateway to the booming alternative asset world of whiskey – with record-breaking sales and impressive returns, offering unprecedented opportunities for growth. 

The feature sits in Raconteur’s ‘Wealth & Asset Management’ report, which dives into how financial advice firms are responding to the big changes in the world of wealth management, from persistent consolidation, to the rise of AI and even the arrival of the consumer duty.

It also demonstrates to investors the value of whiskey as a number one performing alternative asset class. In the feature, our Founder Jay Bradley shares his views on why investors should consider adding whiskey to their investment portfolios, and why now is the time.

Best whisky investment company Whiskey & Wealth Club featured on UK’s leading newspapers

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