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Collecting Rare Whiskeys

Bloomberg - December 21, 2020

Read on with Bloomberg to discover why your collection of rare whiskeys may be more valuable than you think.


For casual drinkers, whiskey is nectar for memorable nights. But for our co-founder Jay Bradley, it helped turn a major disappointment into a successful new business venture.

Collecting Rare Whiskeys


After the Ireland native lost his restaurants in a business deal gone sour, he was sipping whiskey with his ailing father and imagined owning not just a bottle of his favourite spirit, but something much bigger. Collecting rare whiskeys.

What if there was a business opportunity to be found in collecting something he enjoyed so much? Whiskey & Wealth Club was born. Helping connoisseurs turn their drive to procure the world’s rarest spirits into collections that could be worth millions of dollars, if properly curated.

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