Whiskey & Wealth Club Reviews and Client Testimonials

When we started Whiskey & Wealth Club, we wanted to share the opportunity for cask whiskey investment with our fellow Irish whiskey and Scotch whisky aficionados. Since then, we’ve welcomed a more diverse group of clients than we could have imagined, and we’re proud to invite them to share their stories with you here.

Read these Whiskey & Wealth Club reviews from clients in their own words, and learn more about their whiskey investment experiences.

Over 600 of our clients have left 4- and 5-star reviews for the Whiskey & Wealth Club on TrustPilot – read a selection of them below.

Eddie BowesReview

Client Since 2020

Eddie has been a client with us since 2020, and recently joined us on a distillery tour so he could finally put faces to the names! Meeting the team has given him further confidence in his purchase and the company, and he’s excited to be on board for the long term.

Robin BarrReview

Client Since 2023

Robin recently joined us on a distillery tour, where we asked him about his experience with Whiskey & Wealth Club. Always looking to the future, his motivation for purchasing cask whiskey was to leave something for his 18-month-old son. Whiskey appealed due to the fact that it’s fully turnkey, so he has been able to purchase and leave it with the team until he’s ready to exit, and enjoy some great whiskey’s along the way!

Stephen BeattieReview

Client Since 2020

Not satisfied by the returns he was seeing from banks, Stephen decided he wanted to put some money into alternative investments following his retirement. He was taken with the ethos, professionalism and knowledge provided by Whiskey & Wealth Club and decided to purchase cask whiskey as a long term venture. He has joined us on distillery tours and become a friend over the years, and we look forward to continuing our relationship in the future!

Leo MarksReview

Client Since 2019

Leo first came across Whiskey & Wealth Club via an ad in a local magazine, and decided it was something he wanted to get involved in. As a local, he loves that he is able to visit us regularly to meet with the team for a whiskey or two! Although he is now exiting earlier than he had hoped, he is happy with his returns and would recommend this opportunity to anyone who is considering it.

Alex & StephReview

Clients Since 2020

Alex and Steph joined us on one of our recent Scottish distillery tours, where they spoke to us about their experience purchasing cask whiskey with Whiskey & Wealth Club. It was something they had never really thought about until they were introduced to the idea recently, and they enjoyed learning more about the opportunity and the whiskey they had bought on this tour.

Brenda & ChrisReview

Clients since 2019

After initially being introduced by a friend, Brenda and Chris purchased Craft Casks with Whiskey & Wealth Club. They were sceptical at first, but now both agree that it was the best decision they have made and would recommend the process to anyone.

Douglas FowlesReview

Client Since 2020

Douglas recently joined us on a client distillery tour where he outlined his reasons for choosing to purchase cask whiskey with Whiskey & Wealth Club. For Douglas, he was interested in a longer term investment and after looking at the numbers he decided it was a no brainer.

Henri AnaneReview

Delivery Driver

Having joined us in 2019 with his initial purchase, Henri decided to exit in 2022. He intended for the purchase to be more long term, however due to unforeseen circumstances Henri had to exit earlier than planned. Despite the early exit, Henri was very happy with his returns and is looking forward to purchasing again in the future!

Michal KoszalkowskiReview

CFO of Treatwell Company

Michal recently visited us at our head office in Richmond to meet his Account Manager and enjoy a whiskey tasting with the team whilst learning more about his whiskey purchase.

Phillipe TerrisReview


Vineyard Owner
Philipe Terris was a seasoned business owner, but didn’t have much experience with assets. Hear him explain why Irish cask whiskey ownership appealed to him, how he researched the opportunity, and why he decided to work with Whiskey & Wealth Club.

John & Patricia PurcellReview



Ben TownsendReview


Ben Townsend 拥有股票投资组合并投资于房地产——但他正在寻找一个新的、不那么传统的机会。了解更多关于他如何获得木桶威士忌所有权,并决定这对他来说是正确的,并与威士忌和财富俱乐部合作来实现它。

Carol and William OchseReview


Carol 和 William Ochse 对以自己的方式做事并不陌生。凭借赛马和商业背景,像桶装威士忌所有权这样的非传统事物会吸引他们也就不足为奇了。听听他们解释为什么他们被威士忌与财富俱乐部“彻底说服”。

Andrew RooneyReview


The Whiskey Expert 的总监,Andrew Rooney 确实是所有威士忌方面的专家。听听他的想法,爱尔兰威士忌市场正在发生什么,潜在的爱尔兰威士忌干旱实际上可能是积极的,以及为什么现在是考虑桶装威士忌所有权的时候了。


Robert BensingerReview


“我想对 Mark Ocampo 在我们与您的合作过程中提供的出色服务发表评论。他带我们完成了购买所需的程序,并回答了我们遇到的每一个问题。他完成了文书工作并打电话给我们以确保事情进展顺利,他这样做的方式让我们和威士忌财富俱乐部之间建立了极大的信任。”

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