John & Patricia Purcell

John & Patricia Purcell had loved whiskey for years, but hadn’t considered cask whiskey ownership until they happened to come across an ad for Whiskey & Wealth Club online. Read more about how they decided it was the right opportunity for them and why they chose to work with Whiskey & Wealth Club.


John and Patricia Purcell had always loved whiskey, but had never considered getting involved in the industry until John happened to see an ad for Whiskey & Wealth Club online.

He was immediately intrigued, and began to read up on the cask whiskey ownership opportunity. He saw that cask ownership was becoming increasingly popular, and learned about the industry’s significant recent growth. He then began to give serious consideration to cask ownership.

The next step was to join us on one of our monthly distillery tours. We invite all current and prospective clients to take part in these exclusive events for a few reasons. We think it’s important to be transparent in every aspect of our business, and giving clients the opportunity to get to know us and our distillery partners is one of the key ways we demonstrate that. We also love sharing our passion for whiskey, and introducing our clients to the distilleries and leading them through the landscapes that shaped them truly never gets old.

John describes his experience on that tour as ‘amazing.’ He and Patricia were able to meet with the owners and ask any questions they had, and they felt that that ‘brought a lot of validity to the tour.’ After their experience at the distillery, they knew they had gotten all of the information they needed and made their decision to purchase casks with Whiskey & Wealth Club.

John got in touch with co-founder and CEO Scott Sciberras, and it was, in John’s words, ‘a slam dunk from there.’

If you’re a whiskey lover who’s considering purchasing a cask, allow us to extend an invitation to join us on a distillery tour and experience the industry firsthand. Get in touch with one of our Account Managers today – they’ll be able to arrange a tour and answer any other questions you may have.

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