Phillipe Terris

Philippe Terris was a seasoned business owner, but didn’t have much experience with investments until he heard about cask whiskey. Hear him explain why investing in Irish cask whiskey appealed to him, how he researched the opportunity, and why he decided to invest with Whiskey & Wealth Club.


‘I’ve always loved Irish whiskey’

When vineyard owner Philippe Terris heard about the opportunity to invest in cask whiskey, his interest was piqued. Though a seasoned businessman, he didn’t have much of a background in investments, so he wanted to learn more about the Irish whiskey market before he took the plunge.

He made sure to do his due diligence and research what it really meant to invest in cask whiskey. Not only did he look into Irish whiskey, but he did his homework on us, too. He read every Whiskey & Wealth Club review he could find, and, finally, got in touch with us directly. Our Wealth Experts were able to answer all of his questions, as well as send him our own informational materials.

As our conversations continued, Philippe became confident that we would be the right people to handle his investment in Irish cask whiskey. Now an investor, Philippe says that one of his favourite things about his investment is that it’s ‘a good opportunity to invest in something in Ireland… to give back to Ireland.’

Now that he’s invested close to home, he’s started looking further afield. From exploring opportunities in the South of France to considering investment properties, Philippe has truly expanded his horizons since becoming a first-time investor with Whiskey & Wealth Club.

If you’re considering Irish cask whiskey as your first investment, get in touch with our Wealth Managers. They’ll be able to guide you through every step of the process and provide any information you need.

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