Andrew Rooney

Director of The Whiskey Expert, Andrew Rooney is indeed an expert on all things whiskey. Hear his thoughts what’s happening in the Irish whiskey market, how a potential Irish whiskey drought could actually be good for investors, and why now is the time to consider cask whiskey investment.


‘It’s the fastest-growing spirits category in the world’

Director of The Whiskey Expert, Andrew Rooney is, well, a whiskey expert. He knows the market better than just about anyone, and that’s why both we and the Bohann distillery family asked him to join us on a recent distillery tour and share his views on investing in Irish cask whiskey.

‘The main reason to invest in Irish whiskey now,’ Andrew shared. ‘It’s an emerging industry with 26 distilleries on the island of Ireland today but we’ll have about 40 in only about five or six years’ time.’ Many of us at Whiskey & Wealth Club are lifelong Irish whiskey aficionados, and we’ve been proud to see the spirit experience this renaissance of late. Irish whiskey was once regarded as the best in the world, and though it fell out of favour in the early 20th century, it’s steadily regaining the popularity and acclaim it once held.

And with this new reputation has come a dedicated contingent of new converts. ‘We’re now selling ten and a half million cases of Irish whiskey every year, and within five years’ time we’ll be selling double that,’ Andrew predicts.

Of course, selling double the current rate of consumption may be difficult if distillers are only able to produce whiskey at their current scale. Especially in the case of more premium, aged stock, it’s likely to become increasingly difficult for producers to meet demand, and that’s a significant component of why experts like Andrew see such great potential for investments in cask whiskey.

‘What’s going to happen over the next couple of years is we’re not going to have enough product to sell,’ Andrew explains. ‘There’s going to be an Irish whiskey drought on the market. If you were to invest in a cask now, you could sit on it for six to seven years and you’d have a perfect opportunity to introduce Irish whiskey back into the market.’

An investment in Irish cask whiskey is an investment in the continued success of the Irish whiskey market – and a great way to ensure you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite whiskeys for many years to come.

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