Ben Townsend

Ben Townsend had had a stock portfolio, invested in properties, and made a number of other investments over the years – but he was looking for a new, less traditional opportunity. Learn more about how he came across cask whiskey investment, decided it was the non-traditional investment for him, and worked with Whiskey & Wealth Club to make it happen.


‘Without a doubt, I recommend them’

Property developer Ben Townsend was looking for a new way to diversify his investments. He’d had a stock portfolio, he’d invested in the housing market, and he’d made a number of other investments over many years. Now, he was interested in moving away from the traditional methods.

Ben’s story is something we’ve seen across the investment landscape. After a volatile year for the market in 2020, a number of investors are turning their attention to less tradition opportunities, and one in particular has become especially attractive: cask whiskey investment.

‘I find Irish whiskey has the potential to be something exciting,’ Ben shared on a recent distillery tour. ‘Due to the fact that it’s something new, the growth is phenomenal from what we’re seeing and… and hearing, and the shortfall of whiskey on the market at the moment.’ A seasoned investor, Ben knew that a growing market with the potential for future shortfall could be a great opportunity. But like any experienced investor, he knew he had to do his own research first.

Initially, he wasn’t sure about the security of the product. Where would it be stored during the term of his investment? What would that process be like? To get the answers he needed, he got in touch with us directly. We were able to talk him through the process and explain how the casks are held securely in bonded warehouses for the duration of the investment, and invited him to join us on one of our monthly distillery tours to see the craft for himself and ask our partner distillers any other questions he might have.

Ben describes working with us as ‘a very relaxed experience.’ He’s been impressed with how communicative we are about his investments and appreciates how friendly and informative both we and our partner distillers have been at every step. Now having added whiskey to his impressive cv of investments, Ben says he’s ‘looking forward to it!’

If you’re exploring nontraditional ways to diversify your investment portfolio and think whiskey investment could be a good fit, get in touch with one of our Wealth Managers. They’ll be able to answer any questions you may have, and help you determine whether investing in cask whiskey could be right for you.

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