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Peter Cooney

Export Sales Manager at Boann Distillery

“Whiskey & Wealth Club has chosen us in the whiskey industry because we have a lot of heritage and providence and personally, I think we’re the best looking distillery!”

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Andrew Rooney

Whiskey Expert

“If you’re thinking of investing in a cask now, you can sit on it for 6-7 years. You’ll have the perfect opportunity to invest it back into the market as we’ll have a serious drought over that period of time.”

John & Patricia Purrell

Production and Entertainment VP

“Being whisky lovers ourselves we figured it was a good investment, a good choice. Looking into it further on our own made us feel good about it.”

Ben Townsend

Property Developer

“I have invested in various different fields over the last 30 years, from shares, stock portfolio to the housing market. I’m looking to diversify, something new and moving away from the traditional methods that I’ve used to date.”

Philipe Terris

Vineyard Owner

“I’ve always loved Irish whiskey, so when I had the opportunity to look into, do due dillegance and research… I felt like it was a good opportunity to invest in Ireland”

Jennifer Keany

Ex Pay-Pal executive

“There are a lot of different influences here and a lot of heritage, the family background was very interesting. I’m quite a cautious investor but am very interested by the prospects.”

Carol and William Ochse

Racehorse and Business owners

“It was a great opportunity, obviously the product of years of experience from a very dedicated group.”

Denis and Ann Lynch


“Excellent, very informative and the people here obviously know their business and we would like to look further into investing.”

Antonella Barbatil

Business Owner

“I have invested in whiskey before. I think it’s a good investment for the future. I think that it’s very unlikely that the spirit in the barrels is going to go off, not sell or be destroyed. I consider it an 80-90% secure investment.”

Robert Pepper

Business Owner

“I’m very comfortable, with what I’ve learned today, to move forward. I’m delighted to be investing.”