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Whiskey & Wealth Club makes its first move into Scotch whisky

Insider - October 11, 2019

Pioneers in Irish cask whiskey ownership, Whiskey & Wealth Club move into Scotch whisky with their first Scotch distillery partnership.


Having initially launched with Irish cask whiskey, Whiskey & Wealth Club speaks with Insider on our partnership with Lowland Scotch whisky distillery, Bladnoch.


Whisky Investment, Investor in front of a Scottish Whisky Cask


Thrilled to have entered the Scotch market after our successful launch with cask Irish whiskey, co-founder William Fielding shares details on a special new spirit for Whiskey & Wealth Club members.

Drawing on traditions of craftsmanship and dedication, this spirit provides interested clients the opportunity to tap into the future of Scotch whisky.

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