Jay Bradley


Jay has over 15 years’ experience in building successful businesses. His passion for Irish whiskey led to him founding Irish whiskey investment company, Whiskey & Wealth Club and The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. At Whiskey & Wealth Club he is responsible for steering the overall strategic direction of the business, as well as securing and building relationships with distillery partners.

Jay became a whiskey advocate after reading a book called ‘Truths about Whisky’. It explained how The Liberties in Dublin (where he was born) was the epicentre of global whiskey. Fast forward to today, in every high-end restaurant around the world, you’d be lucky to see one or two Irish whiskies on a menu, with up to 45 Scottish and at least eight American whiskies. Seeing this set Jay on a personal mission to create and promote the luxury and craft side of whiskey.