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Recent Client Testimonials


September 20, 2021

Recent Testimonials from our Clients

From those first realisations about the potential for cask whiskey investment to our commitment to holding our industry to a higher standard, the Whiskey & Wealth Club has become much more than just an investment firm. We’re a vibrant community of whiskey aficionados and innovative investors, and we’re still growing.

But don’t take it from us – hear what some of our current clients and prospective investors had to say about us and their perspectives on whiskey investment:

Our clients come from many backgrounds – some are first-time investors, while others have spent years in different types of investments, like property or racehorses. As one investor noted, the property market has become increasingly difficult to buy and sell. We’ve mentioned before that after market volatility in 2020, investors are reconsidering more traditional asset-backed investments. Property is generally considered one of the more stable asset-backed investments, but this isn’t necessarily true in every case.

Cask whiskey, on the other hand, is an asset-backed investment that’s become increasingly attractive. It’s non-traditional in that it’s a fairly new offering, but it’s also quite traditional – when you invest in cask whiskey, you take full ownership of the cask and are able to devise an exit strategy tailored to your needs when you see fit. Unlike property, it’s unlikely that cask whiskey will need repairs (and we take care of any ‘upkeep’!) or suddenly find that its up-and-coming neighbourhood would rather stay where it is. The market for high-end branded cask whiskey has remained relatively stable, and is likely to continue on the same trend.

If you’re interested in learning more about whether cask whiskey could be the right investment for you, why not get in touch with one of our wealth managers? They’ll be able to take you through every stage of the process, and provide any information you might need.

We discussed how our rigorous compliance protocols secured us our HMRC and EX64 (and soon FCA) registration in our last instalment – learn more about this and our continued dedication to compliance.

We’ve introduced you to our whiskey investment process, our distillers, and some of our clients – now it’s time for you to meet our team. Get to know us (and our favourite ways to enjoy whiskey!).

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