Why you should invest in Scotch cask whisky

Scotch whisky remains the global whisky superstar, putting all others in the shade. It is a drinks behemoth — the single most traded spirit on the planet and accounting for 75% of Scotland’s entire food and drink export revenue. The secret to Scotland’s success is its adaptability and today it is leading a move to premium whiskies. The global palate is becoming more refined and the value of the high quality Scotch single malt market is set to grow by over 11% a year to 2022.

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    James Cusick – Whiskey & Wealth Club client

    Distillery Partner

    “It is next to impossible to get Islay whisky now, let alone in 5 years or 10 years. I know what the value of this whisky is going to be like in the future and I’m excited for our clients to be able to experience that.”

    What you’ll learn


    The power of brands

    Well known whisky brands hold huge sway in the Scotch market. This is why we only work with established names and distilleries like 200-year-old Bladnoch distillery in the Scottish Lowlands.


    Market growth

    Scotch whisky is one of the UK’s most successful exports and the industry has been experiencing significant growth  as more countries are developing a taste for the historic spirit. 


    Cask ownership

    What to look for when buying cask whisky and how you can own a part of this exclusive industry. And delve into the many exit strategies that are open to you when you buy casks of whisky at wholesale rates. 

    The benefits of cask whiskey ownership

    Solid returns

    Investors can expect an average 12% return per annum

    Asset backed

    Own a fully insured asset, in a proven and stable market

    Ultra wholesale

    Buy investment-grade premium Scotch at half the wholesale price

    Popular Product

    Per second, 41 bottles of Scotch whisky are shipped from Scotland to global markets

    Stable Industry

    Scotch accounts for 70% of Scottish food and drink exports, and 21% of all UK food and drink exports

    Growing Market

    In 2018, the export value of Scotch whisky grew by 7.8%, to a record £4.70 billion

    Multiple Exit Strategies

    From selling to established whisky brands to bottling yourself. We tailor to your requirements

    Secure Asset

    Fully insured and secured in bonded warehouses and regularly checked by whisky experts

    John & Patricia Purrell

    Production and Entertainment VP

    “Being whisky lovers ourselves we figured it was a good investment, a good choice. Looking into it further on our own made us feel good about it. As far as investing in anything outside whisky before this, no, not since we moved here. But if we were to invest in anything else, we probably would invest in another distillery.”

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    Asset backed

    A fully insured asset, in a proven and stable market

    Solid Returns

    Average 12% return per annum and multiple exit strategies

    Ultra wholesale

    Investment-grade at half the wholesale price