Irish Investment

  • Solid Returns: 8-18% per annum
  • High Return Option: 55% per annum projected return (on certain exit strategies)
  • ​Low Risk: A fully insured asset in a proven, stable market.
  • Ultra Wholesale: Buy investment grade premium Irish Whiskey at 1/2 of wholesale value!

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More About Cask Whiskey Investment

  • Solid Growth: The Irish Whiskey Market is growing at 13-22% per annum for the last two decades!
  • Predictability: The International Wine & Spirits Record (IWSR) who are the global benchmark on alcohol data and intelligence, say Irish Whiskey will outperform Scotch and Bourbon for at least another 20 years
  • ​Future Growth: The Irish Whiskey Association (IWA) released a report showing the Irish Whiskey market will
    double in size over the next 10 years
  •  Exit Options: Multiple exit strategies to choose from with varying returns per annum.
  • ​ Downside Protection: Fully insured and secure in government warehouses to protect against losses
  • ​Asset Backed: Like Real Estate, It’s a tangible investment

What You’ll Learn


The history of the market. To know where its going you first need to know where is was. Irish Whiskey was once the most widely sold spirit in the world. Outsold behemoth categories like Vodka and Gin. The reasons for it’s demise and subsequent resurgence are very profound! The full market snapshot is detailed in our prospectus.


The market is growing in double digits annually for the last two decades. And its firmly set to double again by 2030! The demand far outstrips supply and it makes for a very interesting investment opportunity whether it be short term or long term. Strategies exist for both and are outlined in the prospectus.


Exactly how to buy casks of whiskey at wholesale rates from the largest distilleries in Ireland. How to store them in secure government controlled warehouses so they can age and increase in value. and more importantly, how to sell them for a profit when the time comes that you want to exit the investment.

“There are a lot of different influences here and a lot of heritage, the family background was very interesting. I’m quite a cautious investor but am very interested by the prospects.”

-Jennifer Keany, Ex Pay-Pal executive

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