Jay Bradley Speaks with Bloomberg

Co-Founder Jay Bradley Speaks with Bloomberg

September 20, 2021

What are the three main determinants of a cask’s value? Is cask whiskey a good opportunity?


Whiskey & Wealth Club co-founder Jay Bradley answers these questions and more as he discusses the growing craft whiskey opportunity with Bloomberg.


At Whiskey & Wealth Club, we’re paving the way for a new opportunity. While it may be more traditional to lay down rare wines or buy up rare dusty bottles, we offer the opportunity to purchase in casks of new whiskey.

Co-founder Jay Bradley recently spoke to Bloomberg about how cask whiskey ownership works and outlined some of its benefits.

As Jay explained in the video, there is a twofold benefit to cask whiskey ownership. The distiller is able to cover their costs as the whiskey ages, and you’re able to make a profit when you choose your exit strategy. There’s another benefit, too – a whiskey cask is a physical asset. When you purchase a whiskey cask with Whiskey & Wealth Club, you take full ownership of your cask and can hold or sell as you see fit.

Despite a volatile stock market throughout 2020, the market for cask whiskey has remained remarkably stable. It’s very unlikely that a cask will sell for less than your initial outlay, and branded whiskey casks in particular have much greater potential for seeing significant returns.

There are three primary factors that contribute to a cask’s value:

  • Age – how long has the cask been aged?
  • Brand – was it made by a premium supplier or mass produced?
  • Amount – how much was produced in the given year?

A branded cask is more likely to meet all three of these criteria, and therefore more likely to have that increased potential for a significant increase in value at the end of a decade-long ownership term.

An emerging avenue for asset ownership, the market for cask whiskey is booming. If you’re interested in learning more about purchasing your own cask of ‘liquid gold’ with the Whiskey & Wealth Club, give one of our Account Managers a call today.

In our last post, we gave you a preview of what it can be like to join us on our distillery tours. Or take a look at the next post in the series with a tour of our Richmond office.

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