Headshot of Molly Odlum, Admin Manager at Whiskey & Wealth Club and expert on the best Irish whiskey in Australia



Molly joins the team in Australia with two years’ experience working in the UK office. She played an integral part in opening the Australian office, ensuring that all the processes and success of the UK office were brought to Australia. Molly thrives from being challenged and on the go 24/7. Fully immersing herself in growing companies such as Whiskey & Wealth Club, she often excels in a bustling environment. Passionate about the best Irish whiskey in Australia, she is a lover of client facing roles, and speaking to an array of individuals every day puts a smile on her face.

在加入 Whiskey & Wealth Club 之前,Molly 在美发行业工作了七年。作为一名真正的喷气式飞机,莫莉喜欢旅行。但是当她有一些空闲时间时,你经常会发现她的头埋在书里或寻找最新的流行趋势。