Terry Fisher


Terry is a remarkable entrepreneur and investor with a diverse portfolio of successful ventures across multiple industries. His entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 19 when he founded Travelworld (TW), which grew into the UK’s largest independent travel retailer, boasting 123 shops and £130 million in turnover. Following the sale of TW to Airtours PLC, Terry assumed the role of Managing Director at UKLG Retail, Inc., where he further honed his leadership skills.
A Leeds United Fan, Terry ventured into football, acquiring Huddersfield Town FC and becoming the youngest Chairman in the football league. Under his stewardship, the club achieved promotion, experienced a significant increase in attendance, made two appearances at Wembley, and began construction of a new stadium.
In 2005, Terry took on the challenge of revitalizing Gold Medal Travel (GMTG), transforming it into a profitable entity. After GMT was sold to Thomas Cook for £86.5m, Terry served as CEO of Thomas Cook’s Scheduled Business, managing multiple luxury brands and overseeing a business with a turnover of £1 billion. After accomplishing his objectives, he resigned in 2010.
In 2011, Terry successfully turned around the struggling property company Flats in Leeds before selling it in 2013. He then ventured into luxury publishing with the establishment of Mapperarti, which was sold in 2019.
His investment in the music app Voisey in 2019 proved to be another success, as the company was acquired by Snapchat in 2020. 
Throughout his career, Terry has been an angel investor in numerous startups and a respected business mentor and public speaker. With his wealth of experience in both entrepreneurial and corporate environments, as well as his extensive network and stellar reputation, Terry continues to make an impact across various industries.