Stewart Kendrick, account executive at whiskey investment company in Australia, Whiskey Wealth Club

Stewart Kendrick

Account Executive

Stewart’s extensive career in the hospitality sector has seen him take on diverse roles in cities across Australia, including Adelaide, Canberra, and Sydney. Throughout his professional journey, he has consistently emphasised the importance of direct interaction with people, considering it an integral part of his life. Stewart is widely acknowledged for his unwavering dedication to work and his meticulous approach, all fuelled by a genuine passion for establishing connections and nurturing relationships.

As a fervent wine enthusiast and a certified sommelier, Stewart seamlessly transitioned into the world of whiskey. When he’s not immersed in the realm of beverages, you’re likely to find him in the kitchen, where he once competed on Channel 7’s “Plate of Origin” as a proud member of Team Australia. Be assured, if it’s not about beverages, Stewart’s focus is squarely on the culinary world.