Roy Power, account executive at Whiskey Wealth Club with a passion for whiskey cask investment.

Roy Power

Account Executive

Roy has over ten years of experience as a client manager with varied backgrounds in tailoring business suits to working in real estate. Now, he brings this same passion to an industry close to his heart that has fascinated him for years: single-malt Irish and Scotch whisky.

In three years in the industry, Roy has helped many individuals, from private to institutional investors, build portfolios with a keen eye towards identifying premium malts that offer balanced returns and stability.

Roy is fond of the 12yo Redbreast whisky, with its fruity and creamy character. However, he cites Bushmills as his favourite distillery for their traditional methods and prides themselves as the world’s oldest-ever licensed distillery.

On his days off, he can’t emphasise enough the importance of spending time with family and friends. If an opportunity arises to return to his hometown, Ballintemple, Cork, he won’t turn it down.