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Why Invest In Whiskey

How It All Works

Why Invest In Whiskey?

There are many reasons to buy Irish whiskey by the cask. You may be a private collector or investor looking at the Irish whiskey market growth, or a grocery store, pub, or hotel chain looking for its own private label. Or you may simply wish to hedge your Irish whiskey pricing against the upcoming supply and demand gap.

For investors, solid returns from aged whiskey in casks have been achieved over many years.

Investing in barrels of whiskey as they age and increase in value in bonded warehouses offers potentially massive rewards with relatively little risk. Investor returns are currently in the 10-20% per annum region. It is very difficult to achieve these levels of return with traditional styles of investing without taking on substantial risk.

The Irish whiskey market has consistently grown in double-digits for more than two decades, and experts predict it will maintain the same or greater growth rate well into 2030, and beyond!

We’ve built trusted relationships with well-known distilleries, who allow us to buy their newly-made whiskey at a substantial discount. By taking advantage of this wholesale pricing, combined with our economies of scale, we can pass this great opportunity on to you.

This whiskey is distilled to a secret recipe, poured into premium oak barrels, and stored in a secured, bonded, and insured facility until you wish to either sell it, auction it, or create a private label for your own branding.

Protects Your Downside

One of the remarkable things about whiskey is the protection of the downside. This is because whiskey, unlike most commodities, becomes better and more valuable as it gets older. The industry in Ireland alone is set to soar above a billion euros per annum and will double again by 2030. It’s a major export product where demand outstrips supply. Irish whiskey is also the fastest growing brown spirit in the world, and there simply isn’t enough mature whiskey to supply the market today, let alone in 5 or 10 years’ time.

One of the remarkable things about whiskey is the protection of the downside