Introducing the Whiskey & Wealth Club 2020 Cask Whiskey Buyer Report

The wholesale purchase and holding of cask whiskey for financial gain is a developing market. One to date that has been largely unexplored in the public eye. As an industry leader, Whiskey & Wealth Club are keen to understand its drivers and motivations – and to share this insight with wider audiences. In the 2020 Cask Whiskey Buyer Report, we […]

Cask whisk(e)y’s popularity strengthens during lockdown

In recent years, whisk(e)y as has become increasingly popular as a beverage of choice, particularly for younger drinkers who particularly in the US have switched from beer and wine to whisk(e)y, while new emerging markets are helping to drive demand. Rare whisk(e)y has also been growing in value, topping the Knight Frank luxury investments index this year. […]

Cask whiskey: how it works and why it is turning the heads of investors

Want to know how cask whiskey investment works? We share an overview of how it works and why it is turning the heads of investors. As well as answering the key questions we get from investors. The current market The current global financial state of affairs is a sorry one for investors. Across the world, […]

5 Reasons Savvy Investors are Looking Closely at Whiskey Investments

There is a deep concern for the instability of the global financial markets in 2019. Even traditional safe harbours like gold bullion are sititng at the same price it was 9 years ago(2010)! Pensions are going backwards, cash in the bank looses 3% a year to inflation and most markets feel like another bubble on […]

How to Invest in Whiskey

Whisky Advocate, a magazine that covers the industry, keeps a value-based index of 100 rare, collectible whiskies through the world’s commercial auction houses, a tally the magazine has kept since 2010. For the past four quarters, the index’s growth rate has ranged from 5.9% to 6.8%, says Jonny McCormick, a long-time whisky writer for the publication. Unlike […]

Irish whiskey boom

Irish whiskey is currently having a boom. A big one at that. It’s now the fastest growing spirit in the world, with sales rising 131% over the past decade. Dotted across Ireland, there were just four working distilleries five years ago while today there are 16 and a further 15 have approved planning permission. For […]