Cask Whiskey Investment: An Asset in Demand

Whether you’re looking to own or profit from private stock, create and bottle spirits under your own private marque or hedge against potential future shortages, cask whiskey ownership could help you achieve your goals. Whiskey & Wealth Club will work with you to understand your motivation and needs and deliver the complete package of cask whiskey investment, perfectly tailored to you.

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Branded and Unbranded Cask Whiskey

KPMG X Whiskey & Wealth Club

KPMG Ireland has launched a thought leadership series aimed at illuminating the whiskey investment class for a wider audience. Over the course of a multi-part series, KPMG will aim to provide a comprehensive and accessible introduction to whiskey investment, including perspectives on routes into the market, risks, and future market trends. This series is supported with market data provided by Whiskey & Wealth Club, and a proprietary database of investor attitudes built with a survey specialist.


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