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Take a Trip To Ireland

Seeing Is Believing

Imagine a tax-deductible trip to rural Ireland to see a commercial distillery working from behind the scenes. A beautiful drive out towards the countryside to visit one of Ireland’s largest distilleries. See the trucks of grain and malt unloading, the ancient methods of making whiskey, paired with the convenience of modern technology, ensuring ultimate consistency.

A rare chance to peek behind the curtains where the magic of whiskey takes place. Spy on the whiskey being filled into casks, followed by a guided walk through of the bonded warehouse, where the whiskey will be laid to rest for many years to come allowing the flavours of the oak cask and the Irish climate to do its job.

The next stage takes you out for lunch, followed by a whiskey blending course, which certifies you as a trusted whiskey expert. Dinner that evening with fellow investors

creates special opportunities for networking and meeting new friends while you get to know our team in a more personal and intimate setting. Finally, a full whiskey presentation is provided the following morning with a full spread of breakfast before you depart that afternoon.


Whiskey production unit made at the distillery to an ancient recipe by the most well know whiskey family in Ireland.