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Whiskey is Irish

Whiskey is Irish. It is not Scottish, American, Canadian or Japanese. The word derives from the Gaelic word Uisce Beatha pronounced “Ishka baha” which translates to the English language as “Water Of life” , over time it was shortened to fuisce pronounced fwish-ka. Which eventually became Whis-ka and then Whiskey like we know the word today.

Irish Whiskey was once the most sold spirit in the entire world! It outsold vodka and gin by large volumes. A decline started in the late 1800’s due to many factors such as the Irish War For Independence with Great Britain which resulted in a trade war and subsequently Great Britain placing a trading embargo on Irelands exports to all Commonwealth Countries who were out biggest trade partner. Around the same time Ireland’s second biggest trade partner, America, fell into prohibition. This rapid decline in Whiskey sales paved the way for a much smaller Whiskey country, Scotland, to emerge and dominate the market. Ireland fell from around 1,200 distilleries to just 4 (Jameson’s, Powers, Cork Distillers & Bushmills) Jameson and Powers merged with Cork Distillers to form Irish Distillers in 1966. Then in 1972, Bushmills joined them giving Irish Distillers total control of all whiskey made on the Island of Ireland both in the Republic Of Ireland and Northern Ireland.