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Irish Market Set To Double


Irish Whiskey sales are expected to hit 12-14 million cases by 2020.. This demand versus the supply available, forces prices up in the same way it has done for Japanese whiskey. Today Japanese whiskey has an average bottle selling for €100 a bottle compared to Scotch and American whiskey at €20 and Irish at €40. What’s even more compelling is Japanese law allows them to buy Irish or Scotch whiskey to blend in with their Japanese whiskey. Therefore their supply chain is a lot broader than that of the Irish, as the Irish law ONLY allows whiskey made in Ireland to be bottled as Irish whiskey. The Irish cannot buy from Scotland, America or Japan to help meet their demand. Many experts predict Irish whiskey to become the most valuable of all whiskies with a recent bottle of 3 year old Teeling’s first release selling for $10,000 at auction in Sept 2018.

“The potential is massive when we compare Ireland to Scotland, with over 130 Scottish distilleries in operation, bringing investment and employment into rural areas,” says Irish Whiskey Association chief executive Miriam Mooney. Exports sales for Irish Whiskey will double by 2020 and double again by 2030, the organization predicts.