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Our distillery partners

We’ve built trusted relationships with some of Ireland’s best distilleries. These relationships are what set us apart from other whiskey investment firms and are part of the reason why we’re able to offer quality casks at such a discounted rate. So far this year we’ve partnered with three experienced and high-quality distillers and look forward to introducing a fourth distillery shortly. Selecting the best, pure pot still and malt for our clients to invest in from Boann Distillery and The Craft Irish Whiskey Company to name a few.


Why Distilleries Need Investors

New make spirit needs to age for exactly three years before it can legally be called whiskey. But in reality it needs five to eight years to be a really desirable and palatable product. It’s not easy to run a business when you have to incur costs and have capital tied up for five to eight years without being able to turn a profit.


Cask Storage

There are two key strategies that distilleries commonly adopt to accommodate this high upfront cost and remain profitable during the long whiskey maturation period; borrowing and wholesale selling. Whiskey & Wealth Club are the leading partner for Irish distilleries when it comes to wholesale selling.

Distillery Tours

Hear from Boann Distillery and our clients on their experience working with us during a recent distillery tour.

Interested in attending a tour? Contact the team to start your whiskey investment journey.